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    I have a couple questions/issues with the video on the homepage slider. The video dominates the homepage, and I’d like to resize it so that it’s not so big. Is there a js code that I can apply? If so… what’s the code, and where do I apply it?

    Also.. once the youtube video is done playing it shows the “Suggested videos” afterwords. Is there a way to remove the “suggested videos” at the end? If I were manually embedding the video I could specify the size AND remove the suggested videos, but I can’t figure it out in the theme’s admin.

    Thanks in advance.


    To remove suggested video you can add &rel=0 to the url


    Hey dvisser,

    You can change the size the video displays with the dropdown in the tab Image Size Options. This is on the page you have the video added to when you expand that videos options by hitting Show in the Featured media.




    Hello again,

    I tried adding “&rel=0” to the end of the URL and it still has suggested videos after its done. It doesn’t say “Suggested Videos”, but 4 thumbnails appear on the youtube video window.

    Also, the only options I have in the “Image Size Options” are “Small Image/VIdeo Left” and “Right”… I only want to decrease the size of this video so that it doesn’t take up the entire screen.

    See the video on the page below:

    If I need to re-render the video at a smaller resolution I will, but let me know if I have other options as this video is way too big. or if I can center the “small video” let me know where in the stylesheet I need to make the change.




    Hi Danny,

    It looks like you might have changed the layout for the main page.

    The video layouts are somewhat limited when using the big image slider. For the size, the left and right framed options are the only ones available to get it at more a typical video size but I would need to see your layout live to try and re-position it center (since I would have to define a width based on your layout).



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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