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    All of a sudden I am getting a lot of spam coming in called New Message from SUSD Community Education News Submission

    Where is this coming from?

    I have a contact form on my website and messages come in differently.

    I am confused on this

    my website is http://www.susdcommunityed.org



    Maybe some kids are upset that they have to go to summer school? ;)

    Umm can you post some samples please? Also you can add an additional anti-spam plugin http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/captcha/




    Good one Nick! I have the captcha installed already. Also where are they submitting these? No messages appear in my comments section and my form submission is completely different.

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    Are you receiving anymore emails? Did you use your email recently on a random website, maybe to register an account, or accidentally clicked ads etc?





    Yeh those are some clever professional bulk spammers. They are sending the message the same way except they probably inject their own title..We will look at this , but perhaps for now you can setup email rules to filter out emails of this sort. I think some kind of mistake on the part of bulk emailers is made where they think they are making a comment or a reply to a comment.




    i am having the same problem. maybe 10-15 spam messages a week. I’ve closed all comments to help with this… I also have the captcha installed and set to high.. #Annoying



    I’d recommend Akismet http://wordpress.org/plugins/akismet/ if you want to protect your comment forms.

    Best regards,


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