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    Been working on adding some items to the blog through out the day today (Monday). I just now started to notice that the sidebar widgets are all gone from my pages (but not posts). Also, on the contact page, the form is gone, and finally at the bottom of every page the portfolio roll is showing.

    The blog had been working seamlessly earlier today. Not sure what I might have changed in settings, but still:

    1.) Widgets for sidebar are enabled to display every page;

    2.) Contact form has correct settings and is enabled for the Contact page;

    3.) Not sure why I now have the large portfolio thumbs displaying at the bottom of every page.

    Any advice and/or suggestions? Much appreciated. Thanks.




    Some plugins might cause the conflict. Try to disable all your plugins and check if the contact form and sidebar will appear on the pages. If it appears again, re-enable the plugins one by one to check what plugin causes the conflict. Hope this helps. :)




    I disabled all plugins and I still get the same issues. No sidebars on pages, no contact form on the contact page and large thumbnails on the bottom of every page.


    Any suggestions on what might be conflicting with the theme?



    Can you recall the things that you have previously done before the sidebar went missing? This is really weird as I cannot reproduce this problem on my end.




    I had been working on adding and editing a new page, then also added some new portfolio pages. After that, I also had noticed the new sharing features, so I enabled the FaceBook and Twitter services to work on the posts and portfolio items.

    Not sure when, but at some point after all of this I noticed that the sidebars were gone and the contact form was gone too. The other addition was the showcasing of the portfolio items at the bottom of every page.


    I should add that I tried disabling all plug-ins and also disabling the sharing features, but still to no avail.



    I think I also had a hard time figuring out the problem. I’ll just tag other support, they might have an idea on how to fix this issue.




    It sounds like perhaps the sharethis with facebook and twitter may be involved. Can you re-try disabling all your plugins then redoing the settings so that you have sidebars and re-setting what page is set to the contact form.

    Sometimes plugins can interfere with the theme settings and you need to re-save them with the plugins off to get everything back to normal.





    As you suggested, I deleted all of the plugins from all sidebars and pages (Everywhere, Blog Posts, Sidebars, Footer 1-4). I also deleted the contact page and set it up again. Disabled all of the plugins.

    Still didn’t change anything.

    I set up the sidebar widgets again from scratch and they still didn’t appear.

    After some thought, and relating the large portfolio samples showing on every page, I remembered I had set up additional portfolio pages to showcase different work samples on different pages. While the homepage (Welcome page) has a selection of 8 projects chosen at random, I wanted to have a portfolio page for Logos, Print and Web separately.

    Well, I deleted those pages, took them off the main menu and now my site is working fine again. All sidebars are back, contact page is working again and those XL portfolio samples aren’t displaying at the bottom of every single page.

    Now, maybe I did something wrong in setting up those separate portfolio pages. I still want them up to divide my work accordingly. If the site acts up again I’ll know why. If you have any pointers regarding the set up of additional portfolio pages, I’d welcome the feedback.

    Final note, I reactivated the 3 plugins I run and the site is still good, even with the Share turned on, so clearly the additional portfolio pages were the cause of my troubles.


    I redid 3 portfolio sections and now my site is working fine. Thanks.



    Glad you’ve solved the issue. I’ll mark this topic as resolved.

    Best regards,


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