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    Hey all! I’m wondering what the best way would be to get rid of “categories” and “pages” in the sidebar. I would like to keep the archive. Check it out! http://thankssounddesign.com/

    Thanks a bunch!



    Try Appearance > Widgets first. If that doesn’t work then you’ll need to hide the two using CSS. Can you post the exact page the categories and pages appear on?




    Hey hey! I made sure everything was turned off in the sidebar under Appearance>Widgets. I don’t have any live pages that it shows up on right now, but the same sidebar shows up on pages that don’t exist http://thankssounddesign.com/doesntexist.



    Hi skunkswithwings,

    I’m afraid it would be hard for us to give you a specific css snippet to hide it, if we can’t inspect it live. We can’t reproduce the same issue on our end. :(




    Hey Ismael,

    It is live if you click on the link. I’m just trying to delete out the “categories” and “pages” part on the default sidebar. I’ll post a different link. http://thankssounddesign.com/testing : D


    The deletion can occur on all pages because it’s content that I don’t need at all.


    Hi skunkswithwings,

    We will try to give you a solution for this problem. As of now, it’s hard to filter the categories and pages in your sidebar, but we will post back here if we can give you the solution for it. :)




    Ah, I understand. Thanks for your help and patients!


    Hi skunkswithwings,

    Thanks for your patience. Kindly go to wp-contentthemesbroadscopesidebar.php and find this line of code (in line 44):


    Replace it with:


    Save it. If you want to remove archive just add // before avia_dummy_widget(1). Hope this helps. :)




    That worked perfectly and I believe my site is done! You guys have been so helpful throughout the entire process. Thanks!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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