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    I’ve tried to remove from the contact page two items from the sidebar (archives and categories).

    How can I get this???


    PS: I dont want to convert the contact page in a fullwidht page, because i have added “my own” widgets.


    You can setup the contact page to have a custom own widget box by going to: Display Options > Display Options. Look under the section titled Extra Widget Areas for specific Pages. Follow the directions stated there.


    i’ve done that and still have category and archive appearing can i get rif of them?



    Removing the widgets on a specific page can be accomplished with the Widget Logic plugin which uses Conditional Tags or PHP code to set which pages a widget should show up on.



    how do i use widget logic cant figure it out? i just wanna remove cat and archive and leave a text widget which has my map in it


    You must use conditional tags to select specific pages – i.e if your contact page has the id “42” you can use following code with widget logic to exclude/include widget areas from this page:


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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