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    Hi there, I am having issues with the Check Out Page for Abundance. After selecting “Proceed to Checkout” the next page shows me the details to enter the Shipping and Billing Information and below this information, the order details are NOT evident.

    Instead there is a message: “Sorry, your session has expired. Return to homepage”

    On contacting my Host, they say: Session timing is handled in your PHP code, and as such is outside of the realm of our support for you hosting account.

    I am testing this on two different servers / two different hosts and both are giving me the same result. I have deleted all other plugins.

    Thanks for your help



    Hi again, I managed to work out the issue regarding the session. It has to do with the woocommerce settings. When some are applied, it works. When some settings are not applied, it doesn’t work.

    NOW, I have another problem.

    On The Check out Page:

    The page stalls and there is a LOADING icon twirling over the area that shows “Your order and the Order details, but one cannot access them or click to PLACE ORDER.

    Any help would be amazing, thank you.



    Hi soph,

    Can you try switching the Theme to the default wordpress theme (Twenty Eleven should work) and seeing if the issue is still there. It may not be a theme related issue and instead with either the host or Woo Commerce settings.




    Thanks Devin, still no resolve. Have been working on trying to make WooCommerce work for over a week now.

    I am presuming it is some sort of J Query Conflict. Will look to another ECommerce Solution if I can’t resolve it soon.

    Thanks again for your help.


    Hi soph,

    Can you provide a link to the site having the issues? WooCommerce has built in support and so it should definitely be working without a hitch. I’ve set it up about a dozen times now for various clients and although there can sometimes be some quirks, it ends up working out.

    What kind of payment gateway are you using with it as well?




    Hi Devin – see: for the site.

    I have re-installed the Plugin also, but this hasn’t helped.

    No other plugins are installed.

    Have tried with twentyeleven theme, and the issue is still there.

    About to rebuild the entire ECommerce system with a different plugin if I can’t resolve, it’s frustrating the beegeebees out of me.

    I am using PayPal standard on this site.

    Thanks for your support and assistance.



    Hi Soph,

    The issue sounds very much like a server issue. Here is a direct link to the Woo Commerce troubleshooting topics and maybe they can shed some light on whats going on.



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