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    I want to add some sharing plugin on my website ( Like, twitter, facebook, google+, linkedin, etc.
    Found out that especially the Woocommerce Checkout page is very sensible to any plugin that is installed.
    Probably to do with the java script that is related to that page (?)

    I’ve tried many plugins but all have a negative effect on the check out page (payment part hangs).

    Anyways, can you advise me which plugin does work e.g. does not harm the Woocommerce check out functionality.
    Getting more visits is great as long as customers continue to pay for my products :)

    Hope you can help. Thanks and regards

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    Hello gabsor!

    Have you tried AddThis? It may work for you. I know many users using it in Enfold, it should work fine in Flashlight as well imo :)



    Tried AddThis now, works and no checkout issues.

    Ony Firefox (v24) doesn’t seem to like it. AddThis icons are not showed. Other browsers do….
    Browser differences………argggghh.
    Any clue?



    It seems to be working on my end on Firefox 24 on Win7



    Hmmm, seems there’s even a per pc difference on firefox….
    My Firefox v24 only shows the text ‘Share’ in stead of the icons.
    Firefox v24 AddThis Icons not showing




    You can also try this plugin:

    Best regards,


    That one does the job in all browsers. Tx!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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