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    Hi! I am facing a big problem. I have started set up a my home page and edit a little bit some php and css files. The problem is: When i reduce the size of my google chrome (and all others) windows and my content doesn’t fit in the screen (too much content), there is no scrolling bar to move from left to right to see the content. I need to select the text with the mouse and slide is to right to make all the text visible BUT, there is no back ground (seems messed up)?! I am not sure if you will understand the problem! You can take a look at with these login info :
    Username: kriesi
    Pass: support

    Plus, if you take a look at my heaser banner, when I reduce the windows size, it automatically adjust, I would prefer if it can keep the original size instead of croping the image when reducing browser window! AND, when reducing the windows, the menu become on multiple line until it dissapear when windows too small!!
    Sorry for my english I speak French!!

    Thanks a lot for your help!


    Hi Innovawebdesign!

    What changes did you make on the theme? Corona is not a responsive theme. You need to use media queries to adjust the theme layout on mobile devices or when you adjust the browser screen. Please hire a freelance developer if you want to make the theme fully responsive.



    Hi! I have made multiple change the theme and can’t tell you exactly what I did. If you take a look at the demo website : you will se that if you resize the browser window, you will not be able to see all the content! I don’t think it’s about responsive… I think it’s basic to make all the content visible on standard computer whatever is the window size no? For the responsive thing about smartphone and tablet I understand but for the left to right scrollbar… I think that should be basic?!

    Thanks for your support!



    You can add this on your custom.css:

    html {
    min-width: 1024px;
    body {
    overflow-x: scroll;

    This will create a scroll bar when you resize the browser window.



    Yes!!! That was exactly what I want!!! Thank you very much for your help Ismael!!!
    Have a good day!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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