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    If I open my sermons page I can see several sermons and media players at the top of each. I have a problem when I zoom in/out browser window, the volume control part sometimes jumps out of player to the second line. Also when the page is refreshed some

    The same happens if you go to and try to zoom in/out browser window.

    Thanks for your support


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    Hello dariusp!

    Probably this thread will help you:




    None of these helped me. One had no effect, another even worsened the situation the bar was too long and reached to the edge of the player.

    I still have the problem. And It is related also with the length of the media. If it is over 1 hour then longer length area is displayed, like 01:59:33 (not 34:44) and then everything is ok, but if the length is under 1 hour, then the volume control jumps.

    Also very annoying is that when I refresh the page first some other themed player control is displayed in the region and then incarnation themed player is displayed on top of it.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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