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    I have a question about the menu!

    I would like to make bold (for example), the title of the page which is displayed, by this way the user could know where which page is displayed by looking the menu.

    How can I make that ?




    please add following code to css/custom.css:

    .main_menu .current-menu-item{
    font-weight: bold;
    color: #333;

    You can change the color, etc. of the current page/menu item too.


    Thanks !

    I added that on the css/custom.css (which was blank, is it normal ?) but nothing happened :/


    Yes because custom.css is intended for custom css code only (so you can add what you want but you can also leave it empty and use the stadard design). Can you post a link? I’ll investigate why its not working and we’ll give you custom css code.



    Sorry to answer so late :)

    I worked on that problem and successed in a way. Actually the displayed page has a red background, but I have another problem with the submenu :

    When I click on a submenu, I would like to keep the red background on the top menu, and apply another background image to the selected submenu. How can I do this.

    Actually, I’ve just added that code in the minimal-skin.css :

    .main_menu .current-menu-item{


    background-image: url(../images/skin-minimal/current-page.png);


    Another problem is that the color of the selected menu title is not blank :/

    Any help for this stuff ?

    Thanks !



    you can add a class for one of these:`

    current-page-ancestor current-menu-ancestor current-page-parent current_page_ancestor`

    so for example:




    Play around with it :)


    Great ! It works ! And how can I give a separate background image to the current page of the dropdown menu ?


    Could you elaborate please? I’m not entirely sure what you mean.


    On the link below :

    If you click in “NOS EXPERTISES” and, for example, to “Force de ventes et télévente”. The background of “Force de ventes et télévente” will be the same as its parent, “NOS EXPERTISES”, I would like that the background is different, how can I do it ?

    And why the color is gray when I have the red background ? my css is like :


    background-image: url(../images/skin-minimal/current-page.png);

    The color has to be white but its not…

    Thanks !


    The background of that thing can be set by

    .current_page_item {
    background: #ff0099 !important;

    change the #ff0099 to some url but keep the !important ;)


    Thanks !

    But with this code, when I click on the main menu, it takes the background made for the dropdown menu :/

    How can I handle that ?

    Thanks !



    you can use following code to style the sub menu background:

    .main_menu .sub-menu .current-menu-item{
    background: #ff0099;

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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