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    Display theme. Where do I change the text ‘Send us mail’ which appears on the contact form.


    Go to your admin panel > Display options > footer options

    There you’ll find following 3 fields:

    Contact Button Line 1, Contact Button Line 2 and Button Link

    Here you can change things (text, etc.) as you like.

    Please have a look at the documentation – nearly everthing is described in there.

    The Dude


    Thank for your help. But I’m actually talking about the text that appears above the form on the contact page (not the contact button on the home page). I can’t see this referenced in the documentation. Any ideas?



    I don’t think this was specifically covered in the documentation, if everything was covered the documentation could run into hundreds of pages!

    To change the Send us mail text, open up template_contact.php and on line 64 you should find this code:

    <fieldset><?php if (!isset($error) || $error == true){ ?><h3><span>Send us mail</span></h3>

    Just change the text between the span tags and you’re all set.






    I was wondering if you knew how to remove the contact us from the page entirely?


    Just remove following code from footer.php:

    <!-- big button -->
    <a href='<?php echo $k_option['footer']['button_link'] ?>' class='custom_button ie6fix rounded'>
    <strong><?php echo $k_option['footer']['button1']; ?></strong>
    <span><?php echo $k_option['footer']['button2']; ?></span>

    The Dude

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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