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    Hi Nick,

    this is a follow up of the old thread “”

    Sorry i had to start another thread because i am still stuck on editing the footer url and would appreciate if admin can help take a look at the problem.

    so far i have done exactly as you suggested and did some editing in the .htaccess, disable WT3 Cache plugin, did a test and improved my score from 60 out of 100 to 89 out of 100 with Google page speed insight.

    here is a page test result:

    however, once i activate the cache plugin again, immediately the scores drop back down to 60 out of 100? any idea whats going on and how to fix this?

    also, i tried to go back and edit the url on the footer but the same problem is still happening. i need to change the url on some of the pages because i made a switch from url to url some of the pages being display still contains url

    please help.

    thank you


    Hi vsit,

    Typically we aren’t able to help with issues like this as the support forums are for Theme issues specifically but I’ve tagged Nick on the topic in case he is able to add some extra time to address your issue.




    Hi Vsit,

    Going from 60-89 is fantastic, u just gained an immediate advantage since Google rewards fast sites. Right now the W3 Cache is not working correctly with the last version of WordPress 3.42. Hang in there, they are fixing it. You can check on their website, ( see when the red rectangular box on right side becomes green – and say ‘working’. This is affecting everybody, so I am sure they wont be long



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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