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    I would like to know how to change the basic footer on my website.

    Here is my actual copyright:

    “© Copyright – BeautyRP – Replete e-Commerce Theme by Kriesi”

    Where Should I change it in my admin?

    Thank you in advance for your precious help.

    Best regards



    Hi Guillaume,

    You can change the BeautyRP by changing your site title in the main wordpress Settings section. To remove the Kriesi backlink, open up the footer.php file and look for this line (line 83):

    <span class='copyright'>&copy; <?php _e('Copyright','avia_framework'); ?> - <a href='<?php echo home_url('/'); ?>'><?php echo get_bloginfo('name');?></a><?php echo $kriesi_at_backlink; ?></span>

    Just replace it with:

    <span class='copyright'>&copy; <?php _e('Copyright','avia_framework'); ?> - <a href='<?php echo home_url('/'); ?>'><?php echo get_bloginfo('name');?></a></span>

    You can also edit that line as needed.




    Thank you. I had the same question.

    Isn’t it reasonable to remove “Replete e-Commerce Theme by Kriesi” by default? Or just add corresponding field inside Replete theme options?

    Or add ‘removal recommendations’ to the theme manual?

    Then this question wouldnt repeat over and over again.


    Hi dmaca,

    Its up to Kriesi to add a theme option for it but it isn’t asked often enough where it needs to be an option from my point of view. Its also simple enough to remove the <?php echo $kriesi_at_backlink; ?> in the footer through the wordpress admin that its almost as basic as an option.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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