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    I’d love to be able to put a named anchor within a toggle so that when a link to this anchor is followed the visitor ends up on the right page, with the right toggle opened.

    Possible? Or is there a better way – perhaps I can specify a toggle in the URL?

    Many thanks,



    I’m just looking for the same thing, hope to hear a positive answer soon :-)


    I’ve just installed Kavin Gray’s excellent WP UI plugin (, which does the job… almost. I think there is a minor jquery conflict somewhere. URLS with a #named_anchor appended DO take you to the right toggle (or accordion as this plugin calls them), and opens it too, but not when you click through from a different page – only if you tap it into the address bar. Also it stops my favicon displaying on the destination page, oddly, unless it goes straight into the address bar, in which case all is as you would expect.

    Would be interested to hear if it works for you.




    I’d rather use the built in toggler personally, I don’t want to install extra plugins with extra JS if I don’t have to.


    Me too! Looks like WP UI 0.8.5 is broken on WordPress 3.5.x in any case. Back to the drawing board…



    This is not possible at the moment but Kriesi is aware of the feature request:




    Thanks, Peter, it’s very good to know Kriesi’s on the case! In the meantime, thanks for the link to the other thread and thence to the Collapse-o-matic plugin. I’m using it now and it’s better than WP UI, but still not quite right in this theme (won’t expand the relevant tab).

    Like halasyt said, it would be much better not to rely on extra plugins and jquery. Looking forward to the next theme update… fingers crossed!



    Collapse-o-matic was working all along – it was my links that were at fault. Another reminder to put your HTML in WordPress’s text, not visual editor! The visual editor had added the attribute “title” to the links, and removing this allowed the toggles to open properly. Probably it was the same problem I was having with WP UI.



    Glad it is working now.



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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